In Toy Story 2, the toys discover Barbie dolls in an aisle while searching for Woody. Hamm asks them if they know where Al is. Tour Guide Barbie volunteered to help and got in their car and gave them a tour around Al's Toy Barn. The toys crash into a bouncy ball machine when Rex showed his strategy guide in front of everyone, making Tour Guide Barbie not see where she was going. Rex chased after the car when he fell off, making Tour Guide Barbie tell everyone to remain seated, along with reciting it in Spanish. During the end credits she is a cinema usherette and is seen giving out instructions to the audience. After a while she asks if everyone has gone and promtly stops smiling and complains that it hurts her face. She then leaves for her break. In Toy Story 3, a Barbie appears to be one of the toys that Andy's sister, Molly, owns. She has a ponytail decorated in a pink scarf with a matching belt around her waist and the same color of high heel shoes on her feet and wears a turquoise sleeveless unitard with striped legwarmers. In Sunnyside, she falls in love with Ken. Ken begs her to join him in the Butterfly room. When Ken goes to the gambling den with his henchmen, he tells Barbie to wait in the dream house. After Ken and the others reset Buzz, Barbie breaks up with him. They later try to escape Sunnyside. Barbie tricks Ken into his house, where she asks him on where to find a manual to Buzz Lightyear. Ken tells Barbie where the manual is. She assists Andy's friends in resetting Buzz back to his original state. When they are stopped by Lotso and his gang from escaping Sunnyside, Barbie tells Lotso, about how it is better to have them be treated fairly than be ruled by a dictator. Her statement makes Ken come to her help, which makes Barbie fall back in love with him and hugs him shortly after Lotso forcefully throws Ken to Andy's friends. In the end credits of the film, they are once again in a relationship and change Sunnyside, becoming its co-leaders, after Lotso is defeated. At a party at Sunnyside, Barbie is seen coming down the toy elevator on Ken's Dream House with a gold dress. Barbie appears with Ken in Hawaiian Vacation.